3 Biz Principles I Live By

When it comes to my business moves, I've learned some pretty good lessons through the years. Here are three viewpoints I swear by.

Practice makes perfect

With every deal and decision that I’ve made, I learn. It’s different every time and it gets better. A deal that I made when I was 15 years old is not going to be as good of a deal now because my platform has grown and I know more.

Be careful who you trust

I know that’s terrible, but it’s true. Everybody in this business wants something from you. When you find good people hold them close. How do I identify who's worth sticking around? Sometimes I figure it out by the personality. Other times people have to screw me over, then I figure it out. Most of the people around me are family who usually have my best interest in mind and can sniff out the a%&holes. But sometimes I don't listen to them and then I learn my lesson.

Treat people well

When you treat people well, everything is better. Little things, like when I send somebody flowers or say thank you, go a long way for people.

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