9 beauty products I use on the regular

Sometimes you find products that you love so much that you just keep rocking with them. From moisturizer to body soap, here are 9 products I love!!!

I’ve used a bunch of edge controls, lately. But this one works really well.

When my eczema flares up I use this and it calms it down.

Can’t go wrong with this stuff. It's mad refreshing.

I always keep a big one on deck. It’s the best freakin’ stuff in the world!

This one I got because I saw how well it works on Trinitee Stokes, who plays my little sister on "K.C. Undercover." It keeps those curls defined!

These are amazing! They are so convenient and easy to travel with.

This gives you that glow and it smells soooo good!

This totally gets rid of puffy eyes and dark circles.

Keeps my curls poppin'!

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