Dope Vegan Spots to Try

A vegan or vegetarian diet doesn't have to be boring. There are plenty of dope places to grab tasty food that's hella healthy and fits that veg diet. Here are 10 spots around the country that you should def try.

1. Gracias Madre

Los Angeles, CA and San Francisco, CA

California is home to some of the healthiest food spots around, and Gracias Madre is one of them. They serve bomb Mexican with all the comfort food staples without all the meat and dairy: enchiladas, guac, tacos and chilaquiles. The vegan nacho cheese is unreal. It's made of cashews!

2. Beyond Sushi

New York, NY

This is a tight spot in NYC that specializes in vegan sushi. They make their rolls with stuff like mango, avocado and pickled carrot. It actually totally tastes like regular sushi!

3. The Chicago Diner

Chicago, IL

It may seem like your average diner, but one look at the menu and you'll know you’ve landed in veggie heaven. No joke, the gyros with seasoned seitan and black bean veggie burger will change you!

4. Ground Control

Chicago, IL

Ground Control is a cafeteria-style vegan take-out joint serving up a mix of Mexican and Asian eats. They make a mean jibarito, which is basically a crispy plantain sandwich. I’d also recommend the tofu hot wings, the Portobello mushroom sandwich and the curry fritters.

5. The Butcher’s Daughter

Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY

This healthy and stupid cute vegetarian restaurant first set up shop in NYC and now has another location in LA. Don’t leave without trying the cauliflower grits and tempeh bacon.

6. by CHLOE.

New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA

by CHLOE. has a super casual setup and is stacked with some of the best vegan food I’ve ever tasted. They have a sick veggie guacamole burger, amazing plant-based coffee ice cream, and sweet potato fries for days. You’re gonna leave wishing you could eat everything all over again. They even make dog treats for Noon! And the proceeds go to the Humane Society.

7. Veggie Grill

Various locations, CA, OR & WA

I’ve already told y’all how I feel about their quinoa burger. But you guys… everything at the Veggie Grill is fireeee. The Bombay bowl comes with some fine curry sauce and the crispy cauliflower is bomb. Not everything is vegan, but it’s all kinds of vegan-friendly. Plus, everything on the menu is less than $11. BOOM!

8. Plum Bistro

Seattle, WA

Plum Bistro gives me life with all its Cajun flavor! Their salty fried okra nuggets legit haunt my dreams. The collard greens never disappoint and Plum’s sauces and dressings are so good you could eat them on their own. Double up on the spicy mac ‘n’ yease.

9. Cruzer Pizza

Los Angeles, CA

Looking for an meat-free pizza alternative? Cruzer Pizza is where it’s at. The vegan Philly cheese steak pizza is hella delicious. They’ve also got calzones, sandwiches, pasta and desserts that are all vegan!

10. Fala Bar

Los Angeles, CA

Bow down to healthy comfort food. Fala Bar is a tasty falafel place that’s easy on the wallet. I’m into the Srirarcha bowl and the burritos are bomb. They come with quinoa, black beans, avocado, salsa, onion and lime juice. Next time I gonna try the baba ghanoush!

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