I Love It When a Guy Wears...

Sometimes there's nothing better than a man whose swag is bomb AF. Here are 4 things I love to see (and smell!) on a guy.

1. Cologne

Gotta love a good smelling person in general. I’ll compliment people like, "You smell really good and I want you to know that. I want you to keep this up." But when a man finds the right scent, it's amazing.

2. Quality items

I love it when a man is well-dressed and steps it up with a nice coat or boots. I also like it when a guy rocks a dope tailored suit!

3. A leather jacket

It's mad sexy when a guy wears a nice, clean leather jacket. Enough said.

4. A fresh haircut

I'm all about a man keeping his grooming game up, so when they step out with a fresh cut or edge up, ya have my attention.

(Image credit: getty)

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