The Jewelry I Always Wear

I’m rarely without my “Z” and “3” rose gold necklaces, the little silver hoops that I got in Rio de Janeiro at a market for super cheap, and my gold Queen Nefertiti necklace.

There will be a few new additions soon because when I was living in New York I lost all of my rings, which matched with my niece, Zink.

We had the same silver ring and pinky ring. I’ve since bought a new silver pinky ring on Etsy and I made Zink and I new silver rings that are actually better than the old ones. Why? Because they say “UTI” in diamonds!

Now, I know you’re wondering, “Why does it say ‘UTI?’” Yes, it’s the acronym for urinary tract infection, which is what Zink and I call each other because we love the show “Jersey Shore” and Snooki would always run around like, “Oh my god, my UTI.” So we say “You’re my UTI” because Snooki talked about her UTI as if it were a person.

The last rings Zink and I had said “SWAG.” Swag was cool at the time. We just have to have comical jewelry, but this is the upgrade. Our new rings are so fancy and beautiful. It’s like we’re renewing our vows!

(Image credit: getty)

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