My Advice on How to Make it in Hollywood

I don’t know everything about navigating in the entertainment industry yet, but here are my 4 pieces of advice for making it in the biz.

Know your worth

When you’re young people are going to underestimate you and try to take advantage of you because they know that you’re not well-versed in how the entertainment biz works. They are thinking, “I’m going to make you think that I don’t need you so that you’re going to give me everything out of fear.” People are always trying to make you scared by saying, “We can do without you.” They say that so they can get out of paying you. Know your worth!

Do your homework

Try to educate yourself before you step into a new situation because people will assume you're oblivious. People are always going to try to undersell you. Don’t be afraid to ask for more money. But also don’t go crazy. Know how much you’re supposed to ask for.

Sign every contract as if you are signing your life away

I’m dealing with a situation now where my parents and I didn’t know any better way back when and now people are trying to get money for things they are not entitled to. Dig into those contracts before you sign on that line.

Keep track of your funds

Be aware of your financials and where your money is going. That’s for everyone. Not just those working in the industry because for some reason, they don’t always teach you basic life skills in school. You get to the real world and you come across situations where you’re like, “What? I need insurance for this?” Yeah, you do! Learn the basics and be aware so you know how to budget.

Don’t say yes to everything

Should you say yes to every offer that comes your way? No! It’s not about what you say yes to, it’s about what you say no to. If I’d said yes to everything, there is no way I would be able to do the movies and things that I’m doing and still be on the Disney Channel. Don’t just take a job because it’s a check. People are always living for now, now, now. I’m playing the long game. It’s quality over quantity. Invest in the future!

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