My Mom's Dope Jewelry Line

My mom makes the sickest jewelry for her line Kizzmet. I rock it all the time! She knows so much about the meaning of stones and customizes each piece (send her a DM on Insta and she'll make you one!). Check out my fave necklaces below.

1. Pyrite Choker

MOM SAYS: Pyrite helps with strength. It's all about creativity and manifesting something you want to achieve. It helps you make that a reality.

2. Pyrite on a leather chain

MOM SAYS: This stone is also about creativity, getting what you want, and having confidence. I brought it to Z the morning her pop-up shops opened.

3. Blue Kyanite

MOM SAYS: I made this one for Z's 20th birthday. One thing that’s very important to her is loyalty. Blue kyanite inspires loyalty and helps you with disagreements… not that Zendaya has disagreements, but when you’re in this industry you have to deal with all kinds of disputes and different people’s opinions.

4. Black Tourmaline Choker

MOM SAYS: Tourmaline is good for warding off negativity. Zendaya's really positive, but sometimes people come at her on social media with negative stuff.

5. Selenite Wand

MOM SAYS: Selenite helps activate your abilities from any past lives you’ve had. Zendaya was like, “Oh, man, what if in a past life I was like something really dope? I could totally activate that. I want that."

6. Green Fluorite Choker

MOM SAYS: Fluorite keeps your mind really sharp and clear. Zendaya was like, "That’s perfect for Noon because he needs to be focused and obey." Has it worked on Noon? Well, he obeys me without it!

(Image credit: getty, Kizzmet)

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