My Tips and Tricks for Damaged Hair

Due to years of abusing my hair with heat, it was pretty damaged and had totally broken off. It's taken years of serious love, but my hair has finally started growing back. Here are the tips and tricks I've used to repair my strands!

1. Avoid Heat

I try my best not to put heat on my hair. That’s the biggest thing you can do to start seeing results. You can’t reverse heat damage and the more you add to it the worse it gets.

2. It's All About the Cut

I constantly trim my hair to keep the ends healthy.

3. Be Smart With Style Selection

Whenever possible, I wear wigs or go with styles like my natural curls, braids or a top knot.

4. Products Are Your Friend

I'm constantly trying new products. I've found that using some made specifically for African American hair and then some for Caucasian hair is best for me because using just one or the other never works! I use DevaCurl shampoo, which doesn’t have the detergent in it (that can be drying!) so it doesn’t get all soapy. I also use KMS Reconstructor, which is SO nourishing, and Pantene Truly Relaxed Hair shampoo and conditioner. I don't have a relaxer on my hair right now but ingredients like jojoba oil help protect against dryness and breakage. I also pack on organic coconut oil to lock in moisture and I love Cantu leave-in cream and Shea Moisture products, like the restorative conditioner and strengthening edge treatment, which has Jamaican black castor oil.

(Image credit: getty)

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