It's Black Women's Equal Pay Day!

Today is Black Women's Equal Pay Day! It's time to close the gap!!! According to, a woman must have worked a year and months into the next to be paid what men were paid in one year alone. Add being a black woman to that and the pay gap can feel even larger. Here are some staggering facts from and the American Association of University Women (AAUW) about the wages of African-American ladies in the U.S.:

Black/African-American women must work nearly 8 months extra to earn the same amount men do in 1 year.

The pay gap for Black/African-American women amounts to approximately $840,040 compared to white, non-Hispanic men.

Based on calculations using 2015 median year ‘round, full- time earnings, on average, black women are paid 63% of the dollar men are paid.

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