Why I Love This Dog Breed

I loooooove Schnauzers!!! I had a Giant Schnauzer, my baby Midnight, who went to heaven in 2015. And now, I have a Standard Schnauzer, my son Noon. Are Schnauzers not the cutest dogs ever?! Other than being ridiculously adorbs, the Schnauzer breed is just dope. Here's why...

Giant Schnauzers are protective and brave, which makes them excellent police dogs. No joke, tons of them protect and serve all over the world, especially in Europe.

Schnauzers are reliable, honest and clever, which makes them great at assisting people who may be physically challenged or the hearing impaired.

They are self-confident, and who doesn't want their dog to have a backbone?! But they are also stubborn, which can be hella cute, except when they just won't listen.

Schnauzers are hypoallergenic dogs that don't shed as much as other dogs. So this is the best doggie to have if you have allergies.

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