Woke Year-Round Vol. 2

After seeing the “I’M BLACK EVERY MONTH” campaign trending on social media, I wanted to highlight some of the black people who constantly inspire me. Learn more about three of them below. And check out my first Woke Year-Round article on Donald Glover, Elaine Welteroth and Issa Rae here. #blackhistorymonth

I loooove watching my girl Yara, she's like a little sister to me, on “Black-ish.” The show continues to push the envelope. In addition to acting, Yara, who is Iranian and black, is mad outspoken about things like tearing down racial stereotypes. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram and stay up.

Barry killed it with his beautiful and deep movie “Moonlight” about a gay black man trying to find himself while growing up in Miami. He’s so deserving of the best director Oscar he’s nominated for. He has a strong and vital POV and is a voice for a community that isn’t always heard.

When she's not busy being a super successful model, Adwoa is working on her site/movement Gurls Talk, a platform for women to share experiences. She’s been really honest about her own struggles with drug addiction, depression and belonging and the effort it took to work through everything. "I just can't be anyone else. I might not love myself all the time, but I'm pretty all right," she told UK Vogue last year.

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